Lunchtime food aid program

Recently our children have been benefitting from a wholesome porridge lunch, with our luncthime food aid program. As a result of the food aid program children are no longer scavenging wild berries from the bush and avoiding any dangers associated with this foraging. Although a great success we would like to establish a small hygienic kitchen for it's ongoing support. With your help £30 feeds these 54 children a wholesome porridge lunch for one month.

St Margaret Life's Hope Children

We provide scholary materials like books, uniforms, pens and other items to 205 vulnerable and needy children aged between 4 and 19. With these provisions our students increase their likelihood of staying in school, reducing their risk of vulnerability and bringing sustainability to their community. Recent children to benefit and receive aid from St Margaret Life's Hope live nearby in Mpenya, around 10km outside of Lamu.

A number of these children are from the Wasanya tribe. In addition to trying to provide an education there are a number of difficulties they face including intergrating them into Kenya's tribal society where they are seen as outsiders.

Primary school enrolment, especially of girls, is particularly low in the arid and semi arid regions of Kenya, where a lot of the peoples, (the Wasanya included) are nomadic. Cultural practices such as female genital mutilation, early marriage, orphans, single parents or children with aged parents to care for are just some factors affecting school attendance for children.

Education is the key to unlocking Lamu's future and ensuring the longevity of it's inhabitants.

The Wasanya tribe — their story

St Margaret Life's Hope Wasanya Tribe standing outside their hut
St Margaret Life's Hope Wasanya Tribe standing outside their hut

Historically the Wasanya tribe lived in the forested areas of Kenya leading a nomadic existence. Deforestation and degradation locally have caused serious and potentially irreversible damage to the ecosystem and forced the Wasanya tribe from their traditional way of life. Now only numbering 2,000 the tribe is trying to intergrate themselves into the society of Lamu, however superstition and tribal differences do not make this easy.

Not officially recognised in the Kenyan National Census the Wasanya tribe face a difficult road ahead. Provision from the government for a makeshift school was won with the tireless work of Alex, who assits our charity projects in Lamu. Additionally we have provided education to the Wasnya tribe in birth control, hygeine and general schooling with a view to making the transition into local Lamu life as simple as possible.

A little girl called Grace — her story

St Margaret Life's Hope Grace before her medical aid
St Margaret Life's Hope Grace after her medical aid

Grace a vibrant and bubbly 4 year old girl spent the last 2 years of her life with large parasitic lumps growing on the bridge of her nose and over her body. Additionally unsanitary conditions in and around Grace's home meant she was suffering from an infestation of parasitic worms leading to an enlarged/distended stomach. Due to a lack of medical care, what could have been rectififed easily spiralled out of control, leading to malnutrition for Grace.

St Margaret Life's Hope met with Grace's mother and medical aid was secured transforming her quality of life.

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